Weekly Recap [Public Post]
Hello Everyone!

Every Saturday I do a recap of what has happened here on my Patreon that week.

My dear patrons are commenting and interacting in the Patron-Only and Public posts.

Remember, this is OUR adventure.

I can’t do it without your support.


Sunday - 'Jumping in Puddles'           

I posted a cute doodle about jumping in puddles & a happy pumpkin, requested by my patrons. 

Monday - Ideas for my next piece             

I asked for ideas from my $5 and up patrons, so they could be included in the weekly poll. This time is the turn for a serious painting!

Monday - Burn Up the Chaff 

An animation of a painting I did after some dark events.

Tuesday - 'It' 

I am making more fan art, since I am trying to reach a wider audience. 

Wednesday - Weekly Poll!            

The people have voted and the winner is Transformation. The piece will be revealed on October 22nd!

Thursday - Giveaway!  

Each month I do a exclusive giveaway for patrons that pledged $7 or more.

This time, I'm going to give a Studio Pouch of Valkyrie - Chooser of the Slain. 

Friday - Behind the Scenes and High-Res version of the Piece of the Week             

I gave access to my $3 and up patrons to the process behind the piece of the week, showing them each of the steps that made the final piece possible.

Bear hugs!