Weekly Recap 22/Apr/2019



  • Working on Crystal's Portrait.
  • Working on a new Orson's Tavern BG.
  • Working on Crystal's scene.
  • 5 new garden related icons.
  • New art for the Garden minigame UI
  • New plant for the Garden minigame


  • New Crystal dialogues.
  • Janet's dialogues about cooking will now be achievable outside of Ivy's quest. 


  • Janet will cook meals from the ingredients harvest at the Garden.
  • 5 new Items

Garden minigame

  • Included 1 new plant:  the strawberry bush
  • New weather mechanic: certain plants will only spawn on certain weathers.
  • The consume spell now will have a chance of misfiring and will only consume the plant.
  • The Consume spell effect will change for some plants.
  • The Consume spell effect will be on average, more powerful.
  • Added a new magic butterfly that will grant infinite mana for a limited amount of time. The butterfly will spawn randomly.
  • Added hotkeys for the garden spells (QWER)

Tavern minigame

  • Customers will give 4/2/1 coins depending on how fast you serve them.
  • Slitghly reduced the duration of the spirit bar effect.

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