Weekly Recap 29/Apr/2019


  • Crystal's Portrait. [WIP 1]
  • Working on a new Orson's Tavern BG. [WIP1] [WIP2] 
  • Working on Crystal's scene.
  • New particle effects for the garden minigame.
  • Working on a visual rework of the tavern minigame.


  • Finished all of Crystal's dialogues for the next build.
  • Finished all of Janet's dialogues for the next build.


  • Fixed some minigame-related bugs Changed the garden consume spell
  • The consume spell will burn a mature plant, there's a 50% chance of triggering a powerful effect, every plant will have a different effect. 
  • Effects:
  • Alluring fruit: Will drop 10 alluring fruits.
  • Mana flower: The player will receive 12 mana.
  • Giant Chilly: All plants on the garden will mature immediately.
  • Strawberry bush: Gives the player the ability to change the weather over the garden at will.
  • Golden alluring fruit: Will morph into solid gold (+1000 gold)

All this changes will be introduced in the upcoming build.

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