Hello Everyone!

Every Saturday I do a recap of what has happened here on my Patreon that week.

I have more 80 patrons, and they are commenting and interacting in the Patron-Only posts. 

Remember, this is OUR adventure

I can’t do it without your support.


Sunday – Piece of the Week
I posted ‘Harbinger of Joy’, a 'serious painting' requested by my patrons.

Monday – Fundraiser

I told my Patrons about how one of my pieces is being used as a way of raise funds for Ginger Moon. This is the last week that it's available!

Tuesday – Ideas for my next piece
I asked for ideas from my $5 and up patrons, so they could be included in the weekly poll. They insisted they want to see something related to Miyazaki!

Wednesday – Weekly Poll!
The people have voted! My next painting will be a 'cute doodle' related to Miyazaki! Something about 'Elder Scrolls' and a Manatee came close to win! Maybe next time they will win... or maybe one of them will be included in the piece! All of that will be revealed on May 8th!

Wednesday - "It’s worth a little blood to get your arms free."

I posted a 'serious painting' I did about Amanda Palmer. I'm very happy with the result, and even happier because she saw it and she shared it on her personal facebook page!

Thursday - REWARDS!

This weekend April ends, so next week I will do the giveaway of the mug of ‘Welcome to the Hunt’ between all my patrons that have pledged $7 and up.

I will also send the random surprises to my patrons that have pledged $10. This time it’s a ‘Sloth Vader’ sticker or a print of one of my abstract paintings! 

Friday – Behind the Scenes and High-Res version of the Piece of the Week

I gave access to my $3 and up patrons to the process behind ‘Harbinger of Joy’, including a step by step view of how the 'Orb of Joy' emerged.

Bear hugs!