Weekly Recap [Public Post]
Hello Everyone!

Every Saturday I do a recap of what has happened here on my Patreon that week.

I have more than 90 patrons, and they are commenting and interacting in the Patron-Only posts. 

Remember, this is OUR adventure

I can’t do it without your support.


Sunday – Piece of the Week

I posted ‘Do not lose Hope’, a serious painting about Hope requested by my patrons.  I was inspired by one of my favourites quotes by Neil Gaiman: "Do not lose hope — what you seek will be found. Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped to help you in their turn. Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story. " 

Monday – A Proper Reward for a Good Deed

One of my patrons helped a person in need, so I wanted to reward him doing a 'cute doodle' for him. He asked for a monkey, and here it is!

Tuesday – Ideas for my next piece
I asked for ideas from my $5 and up patrons, so they could be included in the weekly poll. My patrons requested 'serious paintings' about 'Breaking out of one's own self imprisonment', 'Peace', 'Courage', 'A tree of souls', and 'A wizards workshop'

Wednesday – Weekly Poll!
The people have voted! My next painting will be a 'cute doodle' about The Elder Scrolls! All of that will be revealed on June 5th!

Thursday - Creators I Support: Peter Mohrbacher

I wanted to show you the magnificent work of one of my fellow Patreon Creators.

Friday – Behind the Scenes and High-Res version of the Piece of the Week

I gave access to my $3 and up patrons to the process behind ‘Do not lose Hope, including the reference pictures I used for the creation of the piece.

Bear hugs!