Weekly Release 0.3 Patch Notes
 Hi folks, we're scrambling to wrap up 0.3 for tomorrow evening, so until then, here are the patch notes. I was hoping to get a little bit farther than we did, but you can never really predict these things. 

Spriting takes up big chunks of time, and we've also started work on a couple of character portraits that won't be included in this version, but we still think the new stuff will be cool. Things are definitely about to get real.

There are sort-of spoilers in the patch notes, so avoid them if you want to be completely surprised.

Version 0.3 - 10/9/17

  • Added New Cove Content, Including:
    • New NSFW Scene
    • New explorable cove areas, major narrative developments, new NPCs, merchants and hidden treasures
    • Orus, the Moon Guide, officially joins the party
    • F I G H T S
  • Added the latest stat-check feature for exploration rewards: agility (and added a few examples retroactively)
  • Added 3 “specialization” options for Orus, with unique skillsets/special parameters for each
  • Added new Game Over screen
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed a few portrait popup glitches
  • Cache limit is now 20
  • Fixed some tile passability issues
  • Fixed an issue where plunder rates on standard dropped items were set to 100%
  • Changed plunder rate to: X + ((Luck / (150 + Luck)) / 1.5), where X = item drop rate (Luck is doubled if you are successful with the Plunder reaction)
  • Changed HP bonus values on level up/equipment. Previously, weapons/leveling had a 25 to 1 HP point value, where all other equipment had a 15 to 1. All HP values have been normalized to 20:1 
  • Fixed a line of code preventing skills from correctly identifying ranged weapons on NPCs
  • Updated several plugins

Known Issues in 0.3:

- Leite is referred to as "Leike" a few times
- There are two Carolines
- Tense shift in latest NSFW scene
- Wally's not supposed to walk around after Rich/Caroline fight