Weekly Report (March 2 - 8)

Hello guys! This week Ivan Mahonin continued optimizing Warp Layer. Here's what's done:

  • Now Warp Layer is rendered with simplifications when workarea uses Preview or Draft mode. The speed is more than 3x times faster now. 
  • Also, Warp Layer now has new parameter - "Interpolation" - which allows you to optimize quality for final Render. For example you 

With all those changes the new implementation of Warp Layer is far faster than in any previous version.

If you wish to see more test of new Wrap Layer, please consider to see latest posts in this thread.

More development news:

  • Fixed a nasty stability issue, which was preventing release of stable version - 1.4.0. Now we are going to release one more development version to ensure everything is fine and then will do a final release.
  • Now there is a new tool shipped with synfigstudio, which plays Synfig files and measures  how much time used for rendering operations. Currently it is called “vizualization”, but it looks like it is going to be renamed into "synfigplayer".
  • Fixed issue with empty dock windows appearing. Thanks to  Rodolfo Ribeiro Gomes.
  • Improved Waypoint dialog UX (PR #1182). See animated image attached to the top of this post. Thanks to Keyikedalube Ndang for this fix.
  • Minimum required version of FFMpeg for building libav module is set to 3.0 now. Fixes issue #744.
  • Fix for Lottie exporter: Convert methods not working with radius of simple circle layer (issue #1101). Thanks to Saurabh Chand Ramola.
  • Fixed a bunch of warnings in Lottie pluginn (PR #1199). Thanks to Saurabh Chand Ramola.
  • Major cleanup code cleanup: removed old rendering code for all layers supported in Cobra render engine.

And that's all for today! Thank you for incredible support and stay tuned till next week!