Weekly Report, Mar 25 - 31
Hey patrons! I'm going to start reporting what I've been working on each week, in order to better manage my workflow, and keep you better informed.

Saturday March 25 - Session 56

Sunday March 26 - Day off!

Monday March 27 - Session 57

Tuesday March 28 - Collected art for the "landscape lore post" on the subreddit. Lots of behind the scenes stuff too! Biggest changes were to random encounter tables, but I also worked on reorganizing the arcane spell tables. Prep work for Session 58 (Cult of the Leveler dungeon).

Wednesday March 29 - Prep work for Session 58.

Thursday March 30 - Session 58

Friday March 31 - Bend Bars/Lift Gates Rules, more spell reorganization and random encounter table tweaking.

See you next week!
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