Weekly Review 67
I made one of my new favourite illustrations this week! <3 I am in so much love with my charming Zombie lady. She's owns my heart for the month. I might end up changing some of my avatars to her for the rest of October. 🎃

Next week's goals:
I might be working on a pattern (there is still a poll for the test Audience tier and higher ($5 or more) if you want to contribute an idea).
I might also start bringing the next coloring book project into focus as the main thing I'm working on. I wanted to keep my goal of 2-3 illustrations a week (when not working commissions) and work on the coloring book a bit at a time, but keeping it on the back burner meant that some nights I didn't get to it. I might change this so that the first thing I work on is a piece for the coloring book, then the lineart or coloring for my more polished pieces come second. I'm not going to rush it, just make sure I don't forget I want this! I've been afraid to make it my primary focus because I want to pad my portfolio as much as possible and get all my failed pieces out of the way. I want to pave my way with amazing art--- and the coloring book is going to be great, but this is a short term goal against the long term vision that consumes me. 

This Week's Work:

Timelapse Video of Specter: [link]



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