Weekly Roundup
I'm going to start doing weekly posts rounding up my activity here and elsewhere on the web.

First up, here's what I've posted in the last week here on Patreon:

  • A new Near-Apocalypse entry on the BTAS episode "Zatanna" ($2+ patrons)
  • A vlog on Over the Garden Wall episodes 7 and 8 ($5+ patrons)

And on my own blog, some standalone entries:

My blog also has several regular weekly features. Here's the latest updates:

  • Near-Apocalypse of '09 posts every Monday on a roughly 3-month delay from the Patreon. The latest entries are "Don't touch my dog (Moon of the Wolf)" and "These people (Day of the Samurai)."
  • I also post my vlogs every Wednesday, on a roughly 3-week delay from the Patreon. The latest is Gravity Falls S1E20, the season finale!
  • Every Thursday I post Captain's Log, Weekly Digest collecting the log entries (a mix of original stories and ones based on game content) of my Star Trek Online character, Admiral E.N. Morwen. The latest entry is #53, continuing Morwen's adventures exploring the unknown regions of the Wake (set between STO seasons 10.5 and 11).
  • On Saturdays I hold a chat/liveblog session. We just finished Yurikuma Arashi and hit the midpoint of Mawaru Penguindrum; for the next several weeks we will be watching two episodes of Penguindrum every Saturday.

Recommendation of the week: Eruditorum Press  is a joint blog which hosts three of my favorite bloggers: Phil Sandifer (who is something of a role model for me), Jack Graham, and Jane Campbell. All three are incredibly insightful and inciteful media critics, and well worth reading. Also there's a podcast I've never listened to because I don't listen to podcasts.