Weekly schedule coming soon!
We've been receiving a number of emails recently asking us to move to a weekly production schedule, which is admirable, but difficult. After all we actually have to read these horrible things. However, we're doing it. Starting next week even! The Afterthought will be a (probably)shorter episode released every other week between our regular shows. We'll post it everywhere (and it'll be marked free here), and it'll be on the same RSS feed. Each time, we'll discuss a topic brought up by the previous episode, without discussing a specific title. So an episode may be about the role of humor in games, the foibles of licensed materials, sexism in the industry, whatever happens to still be lingering in our minds and notes. We'll also use these episodes to answer questions mailed in to us, so if there's anything you want to know about us, or any opinion of ours about gaming you want smeared across the web, write in to [email protected]! It's a great time to do this, because you'll be first in line.