Weekly Spiritual Energy Guidance November 26 through December 3, 2017
 This weeks energy is still about letting go of that which you have outgrown, and no longer serve your greatest good. Letting go will open new doorways for you. So access and re-access the situation if that makes you comfortable but do not resist change. Look at things from the perspective of whether they are what you really want. It may seem like the universe is conspiring to make good things happen to you. Now is the time to start projects, relationships, or go after your goals. Any obstacles will be easily dealt with. You may be having trouble expressing yourself if you have a tendency to hold it all in until you blow up try to find an outlet for this energy. Everything will fall into place once you do this. As the week ends and a new month begins a positive sign for work and money matters show itself. This entire week the energy is pushing you to make changes, in situations, relationships, even friendships. It is also heralding new beginnings. This is a time of transformation. Embrace it and move forward to new and better things. This is a good start to the last month of the year. 

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