Weekly Study - Wood
I joined a group on Facebook last week - The Ultimate Study Group. Muahahaha! But seriously... I know I haven't worked on enough studies. So I joined and it's been fantastic. Each week the group chooses between two materials. Last week was Fabric and Metal. I hadn't worked out my schedule for the studies, so only did a quick, incomplete study of copper. This week I decided I would take one of my morning sketch slots to work on a full study. The choices this week are Crystals and Wood. I love crystals, but thinking about painting a study of wood scared me. So I decided to walk into that fear. I'm so glad I did!

And better yet, this study has sparked an idea for a small Earth Rituals painting. I'm going to push this painting even further and then add some other elements. Yay for inspiration!!

Patrons will get a first look at the new Earth Rituals painting. It only costs $1 a month to get access to my Patron Only feed. ;-)