The two of crystal wands is an invitation to look at the world through a new lense if you will. Perhaps a change of focus is in order, or stepping through a new open doorway. If we don't look around every once in a while our views become rigid and our energy stagnates. We become stuck. Take time this week to look past your normal field of focus, whether that is hitting the woods for some alone time, going down a YouTube rabbit hole, or picking up a book on a subject you have yet to research Health and wellness is also calling for a change up. If we get trapped in a routine often we can become bored or just disconnect from an experience. If you are a lifter, try hiking. If you are a walker, try a day pass at the gym. If you are stuck in your diet menu, try looking for new choices that meet your needs. Shake things up a bit and refresh your wellness plan. Sunstone is your crystal companion for the week. It is full of energy and has a happy cheerleader quality. It can bring a sense of joy during times of challenge and can help develop a renewed sense of purpose and drive without any feelings of aggression mixed into its energy. This is definitely a live, laugh, love crystal. It is very big on that "live" bit. Bright Blessings for the week ahead! Kim