Weekly Tarot -- March 26, 2018
I'm pretty proud of myself that I've remembered to come here, in the middle of the night, just before the new week, and do this reading. I'm not scrambling on Monday morning, hating myself for not remembering this promise to you all. Habits, they're good for me.

We'll remember, last week, we were stuck in the Sword realm. Dealing with hard decisions and being told it was time to take action. I know I listened, did you? I've decided to finish a project I abandoned and, starting tomorrow, I'm going to be studying a lecture series to help me figure out how to workout the possible Epic Fantasy I want to write. It may not be quite epic-epic, but I'm excited to become a student again and get to it finally.

You'll also remember last week I said I struggled to pull a "universal" card for that reading; each card I pulled seemed to be specifically for me. So, this time I was very focused on clearing my mind and asking for guidance to pull a universal card and I am very happy to report that it worked on the first try.

And we've broken through the strict difficulties of swords and have received a much more pleasant card this week:

The Seven of Pentacles, or Coins if you prefer. 

Pentacle/Coin cards often have to do with money, obviously, but they can also be about property or products, say if you have your own business. And this card tells us that hard work is ahead, but that the fruits of our labor will bear out. I'm excited to see this card because it's a hopeful but realistic card. It has promise, but reminds us that for long-term reward we need to work; things aren't just going to fall into our laps. And, if you have been working hard but have yet to see the fruits of your labor, take hope in this card because things just might be about to change.

Now, being a the curious cat that I am, I sometimes like to look at the cards that surrounded the card to see how close I came to cutting the deck differently. Sometimes the surrounding cards tell similar stories, sometimes they don't.

You can see the Ace of Cups--Inverted was above it and the Ace of Pentacles--Inverted was below. How easily I could have cut to either of these cards. The Ace of Cups--Inverted talks of love possibly fading away and has nothing to do with business or finances of any kind. The Ace of Pentacles--Inverted, however, tells of a small financial improvement on the horizon but that it is possible your hard work may never pay out and you might want to walk away from it. So the card just below ours feels related, but is nowhere near as hopeful--as optimistic--as the next. This gives me hope for this week's reading. I hope it does for you as well.

Don't give up; don't lose hope; things just might be about to bear the fruit you've been waiting to harvest.