Weekly Tarotcast

 Looks like a bumpy road ahead everyone. You may feel stymied at the offset of the week. Like you're missing steps or minor annoyances with those you care about are always cropping up. These will open you up to the innocence of the Fool. That innocence will take you far and you'll look back to it as a turning point in the future. Part of that innocence will allow you to see past your fears as they will be cropping up in unusual ways by midweek. Be thoughtful in your words as they will pack quite a punch around others and your strength will set you apart from the rest. Don't be surprised if you get asked to take on new tasks that challenge you and show that you may not be the master of everything just yet. Although a minor step back it will be a blow to your pride and you may feel as though your dreams are out of reach or that they have become nightmares. I caution you away from greed and selfishness or by weekend you'll find yourself with your things alone and miserable.