Weekly Update (2016-01-18)
I'm told I should keep people up to date - and that I should do it here. So, here we go...

The section on "The Intelligent Species Common To The Unincorporated Territories" is nearly complete. Rotem is doing some fantastic pencil art for it. Only two of the four possible species will be playable when it's all put together though (there are reasons in the mythology that the other two are purely antagonistic to Humanity and Araneae alike for the time being). You'll definite get to see that by the end of the week. Oh, I may put some of the flavor text that doesn't make it into the final product up here for my patrons tomorrow as well.

I'm also working on writing something about Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984) as well as something about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). Their both fantastically complex works and approaching them at the right angle can be tricky. Whichever one I manage to crack this week, patrons will get to see it first - then a few days later, I'll probably throw it up on medium for everyone else to check out.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I should have a piece about Shadowrun: Hong Kong and the Kowloon Walled City for Haywire soon but it's up to their editorial staff when you'll see that.

On the podcast front, the audio work for Fresh Out of Tokens episode with Sidney Fussell is done - you can find that Wednesday at https://freshoutoftokens.simplecast.fm/ and we're recording with Maxxie Bytes this week. So, that's exciting. I believe Kiva and I are recording with BrothaDom this week for a mysterious new podcast that I will totally fill you in on later. 

So, fingers crossed.


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