Weekly Update! (02/26/18)
This is our first week of our new, Mon-Fri schedule! It's gonna be weird trying to adjust to a new outro. T_T

'BloodRayne' returns as the Viewer's Choice game, this week, which means we can make more progress! We're migrating to the PC version of the game, since I was able to get it working and it has much better graphics and performance.

This week's special event is Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, via FightCade, on Friday, 8PM-midnight ET . We were going to play it on the PS3 via HDR, but after giving it a trial run last week?

...No. No. Also, KnightCade doesn't seem ready to download via their website, yet (although it is in open beta, from what I understand!), so we're going with FightCade for simplicity! I'll get it set up and see you guys there on Friday!