Weekly Update (09/02 - 09/08)


Legacy of the Elder Star 

Super fun space shooter!


Mobile dungeon game where you play a bird, bashing into enemies to destroy them!

Dive Hard: Secrets of Divasutra 

Stylish mobile game where you are a diving expert, looking to replicate some amazing moves!

Farmer Fran: Running out of Sunlight 

Adorable farming game with loads of quests and personality.

Jam Compilations:

I am still working on the LowRezJam, Short and Sweet Jam, GMTK Jam, and Ludum Dare.



7 Deeds 

“7 Deeds, a creepy pixelated horror game made for the LowRezJam, has you attempting to survive in a monster filled home for 7 whole days!”

Don’t Let Them In 

“Don’t Let Them In, a pixelated survival game made for the LowRezJam, has you fighting waves of monsters who are lurking outside your home.”

Spacesquid Spaceship 

“Spacesquid Spaceship, a very tough isometric clicker-esque game made for the Ludum Dare 39, has you trying to power different rooms in a ship, while being invaded by spacesquids!”

Bonus Stuffs:

I interviewed Christina 'Castpixel' Antoinette Neofotistou which is on Youtube, Sound Cloud, and Itunes!

I was on the +7 Intelligence Podcast.

Nickel City Pixel included me in a little article about my dad understanding what I do online.