Weekly Update (1/31/16)
Weekly Update is a place for me to go over what I've posted this week for anyone that might have missed it, it's also a place for me to talk about the next week and what I've got planned.

Running a tad late on the weekly update, but I digress. This last week had a release! Indigo Child bounced into the wild. Y'all should have the complete source to Indigo Child this week as I move onto finalizing February's schedule.

January 19thIndigo Child

A simple, designed experience for my Patrons concerning a child with a special power stuck in a place of purgatory.

Earlier Today:

February 1st50 More Bleeps, Bloops, and Bips

I created some more free UI sounds for y'all to use within your games.

Next Week:

Next week should bring a new schedule for a new month. The planned finished game for next month is Mother, a personal experience I had been working on. The prototype for Death By Tower will likely get moved into this month too.