Weekly Update #1: The First Of Many!
Starting today I'm going to be updating the Patreon every week! What day that happens will depend largely on what's happening in my life, but I'll shoot to do it sometime between Thursday and Saturday.

What's going on with me?

Well, Tyler and I have been hard at work planning our wedding (less than three month away!! AHHH!!) and we've been battling the ongoing war of paying out more in bills than we earn through work. I'll be starting some online classes on August 22nd so that I can work towards finally getting my college degree (It'll be in literature with a concentration in writing fiction!) Also, one of my closest friends has been staying with us for a couple of weeks and it's been SO MUCH FUN! He's going back home soon, though and I will miss him lots. :(

So, to give an update on my progress with the book:

I had a few road blocks the past couple of months. Money has been VERY tight and I simply have been too stressed to pump things out as quickly and as high quality as I would like. However! The script for the first book of The Midnight Special is nearly complete! I expect it to be done no later than the end of this month, if not sooner. I've been making some good progress on it.

ART! While I haven't produced as much as I would like, I have done a few cool things I want to show you guys! I'll attach them on here. :3

That's about it for this update. Thanks so much for reading! :D


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