Weekly Update 1
Well, I am delighted and humbled that you've chosen to support what we're doing at The Average Gamer. Thank you very much! I promised to provide weekly updates that take you behind the scenes of the blog, so here's the first. Games journalism (and/or blogging if you distinguish between the two) tends to be quite reactive and you're never really off the clock. Press releases come in all the time and interesting stuff happens online at all hours. Sure, we're constantly pushing to seek out interviewees with interesting stories to share and release dates are obviously known in advance. I could have planned a ton of stuff about Destiny to coincide with launch week - first impressions, updated impressions, progress diaries, tips and all that jazz to fill up a rolling news cycle. However, I'd much rather write something fully informed. I don't like to be wrong on the internet where everyone can point to it later and laugh ;) My Titan-class Guardian hit level 20 yesterday, finishing the campaign missions and I'll be writing up some impressions this afternoon. Sneak preview: what the hell is up with that story? The Fallen hate The Hive. The Vex hate the Cabal. Everybody hates us. Nobody knows why. But in the middle of all that alien-shooting, Super Smash Bros for 3DS demo codes were released to an unsuspecting public over the weekend. Twitter was inundated with requests for spare codes, while our Facebook giveaway had not a single response. I gave that code away on Twitter. Since I don't know the first thing about Smash Bros, resident fighter expert Kev will be writing up his impressions this week. Viewsonic have just announced their upcoming range of gaming monitors, with 4k resolutions and 1080p 144hz models. There'll be a piece on those later in the week, once I can figure out how to write about a monitor without it being a glorified list of technical specs (Blue Light Filter! SuperClear® Pro!) I covered the problems with 4k monitors in a feature a while back when trialling a Samsung model (basically, lots of Windows programs don't support it and you'll need to spend £1000 on your graphics card to play any games in 4k). The 144Hz monitors are niiiiice though. I would be tempted if my current gaming PC didn't struggle to hit 60FPS on most current games. Tomorrow afternoon, there's an embargo lifting on a lovely (and somewhat creepy) Vita game, so I really need to get that finished today as well. I struggled really hard not to cry in front of the developer after playing a demo at last year's gamescom so I'm off to get tissues ready, just in case. Good lord, this is starting to sound like a content plan for the week. How organised!