Weekly Update (10/6/2017)
Hey there boys and girls!

First: everyone say hello to our newest contributors:
  • Uberbagel
  • Hakon Nygard
  • Nathanael Roberts

Apologies for the lack of Boy Party videos this week -- I decided to keep BP on the backburner so I can dedicate as much time as possible to the next Ultimate Skyrim update.

On that note, the update is officially going to be Ultimate Skyrim 4.0. It started as "3.5", but there's so much stuff going into this update that I feel a new version number is appropriate.

Here's a taster teaser of changes I've already implemented (all subject to change):

  • US will contain a new death consequence thanks to a slightly modified version of Death is Highly Overrated Redone. Death will steal at least one skillpoint from each skill, and your items will remain where you died. Good luck getting them back!
  • ELFX has been made optional, and I've integrated Dynamic Immersive Seriously Dark Dungeons to allow users greater control over their dungeon darkness. (DISDD is still designed to work in tandem with ELFX.)
  • I've added Dragon Priest Mask Journal to provide an in-game way to track down DP masks. This journal is well-hidden, and located somewhere difficult.
  • A slightly modified Religion has been added to US, which really expands on Divine/Daedric gameplay. This works in tandem with the priest services from Immersive Merchandising. BtC's religion gameplay is mostly superseded, though some BtC goodies remain.
  • Train and Study has been added to allow players another way to train their skills. This opens up a lot of roleplay opportunities, and provides an interesting economic choice for players.
  • Added Severin Manor Improvements to bring it in line with the quality of other player houses in US.
  • The furniture crafting system from Hearthfire Extended is now accessible without purchasing a Hearthfire house. Great for people who like to customize their other houses (or really any location).
  • Death Alternative, the Death Alternative Starts, and Real Shelter have been removed from the installation for increased performance and stability.
  • Lockpicks are now much rarer.
  • Many small bug fixes, improvements, etc.

This is only a small percentage of the planned changes -- hence my decision to rebrand the update as Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for more changes and info, and thank you all for the support as usual!