Weekly Development Update for Jan 8th
So last week was a very productive one. I did a lot of renders, more text and shipped the free Romancing the Kingdom as well as the latest supporter update .45 - I hear you on the poll as well.

92 votes and counting, so please drop your 2 cents if you want to be heard but this is where things stand:

* Games guides is the clear winner (22 votes)

* More text and more images are 2nd (basically larger updates, 17 and 14 votes so far)

* Game mechanics (12 votes)

* Image gallery (11 votes)

That means my goals for the week are as follows:

* Today, finish the supporter image series (20+ images) and the animation (30 frames).

* Game guide development, starting with Sword of Wonder, with the goal of shipping the initial guide with version .21 this week. 

* With Sword of Wonder being the smaller project, I'm going to test things there that may work and then as I develop the code base, I will add those things from SoW into RtK. I'll share what those are with the current .45 RtK for example using the "pan and tilt," camera effect I first used in SoW. 

* Beta testing the Quest Log concept in SoW for the .21 release (this will take up some time, TBD).

* Renders for the .50 RtK release after the above list is finished.

Deep breath. Next week, I'm going to post my new list as well as "how'd I do?" for this one, including content updates, render quantity, etc. 

If I'm going to make a series go of doing this, it's going to be all business, which means holding myself accountable to a schedule, shipping to customers and ensuring that product is the best quality. The main question I'm going to start using is, "Would you love to share this game with a friend?" If the answer is "yes," often enough, the game quality is there. 

Other measurement ideas welcome but that's the first and most tangible I can think of. 

Back to work. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and feedback. Updated with a link to my first weekly retrospective, here, where I review progress towards the publicly stated goals.