Weekly Update 17 - Happy Holidays!
Let me make this quick so I can get back to work.

I'm most of the way finished the first PATROL expansion, which I am tentatively calling "Short-Timers". It's a short PDF featuring new gear, expanded rules, some added Alignments and vehicles, built for special forces games for the most part.

5atH rewrites have held fairly steady. Testing it wasn't really possible in the holiday environment but that might turn around in the next few days.

Finally, a print proof of PATROL has been ordered. Of course, only afterwards did I notice a small but annoying error (the values for the Whistle item were all wrong) but that is a fairly simple fix.

I'm Not a Pervert should be coming out on the 31st as planned.

Also, don't watch the Terminator every day for a month. It's a bad plan.

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