Weekly Update - Dec. 17
This is gonna be quick, my internet's been on and off all day and we just had like a 4 hour outage and who knows if it will last!

Pushed some site changes including:

Syntax highlighting for ZZT-OOP (what colors are used for what things is pretty arbitrary and likely to change)

When viewing ZZT-OOP code, the text displays proper CP437 characters rather-

(and the internet just died on us again. So now I'm writing in notepad)

...CP437 characters rather than unicode. By which I mean the codepoint for a smiley face in CP437 is being adjusted to the codepoint for a smiley face in unicode when parsing the world.

I also added dev-environment only support for just loading a .ZZT file from my filesystem. It might be worthwhile to try and make that a proper feature later.

Lastly, Zookeeper got a new script for searching ZZT-OOP in files. So now it's trivial for me to find where a flag is set or used. It just takes user input and parses it as a regex with support for listing either the line of code matched, or the name of the object that contains said code. (Think "grep" vs. "grep -l")

Depending on when I get around to posting this, either the next Closer Look article will be up, or will be going up later. After the previous stream of my first ZZT game, Virus 302, I decided to see how I improved it as a 13-year old with Virus 302 Special Edition. The answer is: I didn't, and it's genuinely worse somehow.

I don't intend to play/focus on my games, but thought it would make for some light work for the holidays. The original plan was to stream both of them, but I decided to switch things around a bit.

I think that's it please Internet stay on.