Weekly Update - January 2, 2018
Hey everyone, Arbiter 617 here with another weekly update!

As the very first update of 2018, and going along with the recent Patreon update, I decided to make this one public as a demonstration of what the updates look like for those considering the Redstone tier.


Nitrox has gotten back into motion with animating at a regular pace and is continuing through the initial montage of the main game in the UHC Animation. There will be a slight delay to the release date, as some of the intro lobby sequence needs to be redone. Work streams will be done on a daily basis to ensure strong regular progress towards the animation 

Through out the holiday season, Sam has been taking a bit of a break from animating and instead focusing on getting some new ideas down for the start of 2018. So far, four short story animation ideas have been penciled in. He also took a look at the outro redesign but after realizing you couldn't have end cards without a video one, the designs were made redundant. 

Mineral Thief coming 2017.

Now that the Channel Trailer has been completed and updated, Thomas has been brainstorming ideas for the conclusion for Pug Life. He's been having a few issues with Part 3, mainly what gamemode he would use to close Pug Life on, as animating Pug does have its limits and is quite annoying at times. But now he thinks he has a decent conclusion planned that works and isn't too stressful in regards to Pug's animation.

I myself have primarily been finalizing a few voice actors with Songs of War, bringing a few more major characters to 100% completion including retakes. I also reopened casting for the uncast roles. In addition, I've been organizing all of our skins in a much better manner now and getting a big list of which still need work, which are finalized, and which aren't even done. I will very soon be working on the characters themselves and deciding what level of detail I want to give them. I also have been learning a lot of new Blender VFX tricks alongside Tigerstripe as we have had many late nights playing around with particles and materials learning new things.

We also released our first ever Community Roundup video on Black Plasma Community. It contains a lot of information such as our first ever Animation Collab, the next render challenge, and more! Full video here:

Also if you haven't already checked our AfterInfinity's song he created for the channel trailer, be sure to give it a listen and leave a like here:

We've got lots of exciting new things coming 2018 and we hope everyone is looking forward to them as much as we are. Thanks everyone for pledging and making this possible :)