Weekly Update - 2/05/18 to 2/11/18
Hey there,

Jackson here with the Sunday weekly update what do you mean it's Monday please stop talking to me.

As we move through February, things are basically back to as normal as they can be. I'm heading into my final few weeks of University so it's my turn to be unreliable as we go forward but for now, here's what has been going on in Abnormal Mapping over the last week

  • We hit Welcome Home in The Amory Score and tackle the very specific brand of misogyny that is present in Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV.
  • Second Officer Slog tackles the penultimate episode of Star Trek Discovery. Lots of talking! It's good!
  • The Great Gundam Project begins Zeta Gundam and we talk about the boy! Kamille Bidan! He's Kamille. Don't fucking call him Kamille.
  • I wrote a blog! It's free! Not a patreon letter! It's very nice to write more but it's a pipe dream honestly, there's no time. So enjoy it while you can.
  • The Patreon letter this week is a kinda continuation of that blog and also me playing Horizon Zero Dawn? I live a life of bad choices and good takes.

And that is it! We are recording the Second Officer Slog for the final Discovery episode so you have mere minutes to email [email protected] with your takes, questions, feelings on the season or predictions for the future! 

Aside from that, we will see you with more hashtag content next week!