Weekly Update: Monday, Mar 27, 2k17
I created the piece above for PeopleForTheArts dot Org. 4ART = For the Arts = Art IS Resistance! The arts are under attack, and artists are pushing back. I posted this one in many places, but it hit hard and trended in first place over the weekend [Here on Instagram].

Reviewing Goals

 Last week's "Ghost in the Shell" themed posts were a huge success. At the same time, I barely had any time to actually promote any of them. I at least "maintained" them online, but given actual time, I would have pushed them much more. Let's look at the numbers:

  • Instagram: Currently at 5787 followers, up 364 from last week's 5423, a slight increase in growth, although mostly the same. The begin winner from the three posts was "Memoriam Redacta" at 867 likes and 113 comments... and still rising. I'm working fast to get that one up on Zazzle at the very least, as I've heard the response and I'm acting on it.
  • Twitter: At 1533, up 182 from last week's 1351. 
  • Pinterest: At 1194, up 36 from last week's 1158. 
  • Tumblr: Secondary blog is at 547, down one since last week. Lol. Primary blog is at 764, up one from last week. Superlol. My new Under Construction theme for Tumlbr is at 8 active installs, up from the zero that it started at on last Monday (March 20) when it went live.

Et fini!

Preparing preview posts, wallpapers, and goodies for patrons, so stay tuned.

Burn bright... and stay lit!