Weekly Update - May 29th, 2019

This week, we got video recording working again (using the lovely OBS), as well as added a bunch of new features to the Hiraeth vertical slice! Cycle through the new tools using the 1-4 keys.

-Spraypaint has been added. Cycle through 9 different brush types using the "p" key.

-LED Throwies have been added. Toss these glowing balls to stick to walls and scenery to light up the environment!

-Paint Balloons have been added. Ink up walls by tossing these balloons around, which explode on contact.

-Paintball gun has been added. A smaller and faster version of the paint balloons, this will let you eventually shoot out cameras and other annoyances.

-Grappling hook has been added. It's not perfect, but you can now yank yourself across the map by right clicking on geometry and holding the "W" key to reel yourself in. Bonus - you can use tools while using this!

-The Slug Racer has been modeled and added to the environment. Texture still pending, but his gaze will follow your movement.

-The Phone Booth has been added, for all your strange discussions with the unknown caller. Still pending texture.

-We're in the process of voting on pitches still, but the process is almost over! You can hear us go over some of these in the video above.

That's all for this week! Patrons $5 and up can access a build of this update here.

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