Weekly Update - 3-10-19

Hey everybody, just gonna start off by saying that there's not much at all to this week's update. To be honest I've been in a real funk lately, even before last week's update, and I haven't gotten much work done compared to usual. It's not like NOTHING was done, but everything I worked on is stuff I can't really show off, like CG scripts, behind the scenes stuff, and one secret secret. Luckily, Orexius and Kuso have been hard at work making animations and CGs respectively, so progress is definitely still being made towards the update - at the moment I don't expect to have to delay v0.34 or anything, I've just been having a hard time getting the ball really rolling on my end. So that I don't leave you guys with nothing at all, here's a few of the Lurker's animations that Orexius has been working on!

Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for the disappointing update! I'll do my best to make sure next week's is much better.

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