Last Monday I started to work on the layer offset feature that will allow you to shift layers by an arbitrary amount in pixels. The expected use-case is mostly to enable mapping with tiles that can be stacked. The feature is already mostly working, though there are several places still to fix regarding for example object layers and mini-map rendering. I've attached a video to this update which demonstrates how one could expect to edit such maps. I expect to finish this feature upcoming Monday. The graphics I'm using for testing are by Yar.

I've also done some smaller changes on master. Most notably, the active stamp is no longer reset when switching maps. This makes it easier than ever to copy some area from one map to another since you no longer need to go through the clipboard.

Before starting the release process for Tiled 0.14, I still want to implement a new way of rendering object names. This feature got lost in Tiled 0.12 and some people are really missing it. Once that feature is back I think it is time to start closing the necessary tasks for Tiled 1.0, before continuing to add more features.

Finally I just want to say again how much I enjoy being able to work on Tiled regularly and how much I appreciate your support that enables me to do this! Thank you!