Weekly Update #4
Hey there everybody! Lots of fun stuff going on this week.

First off: Asher and Aria is done! Still gotta make a couple of tweaks to some pages here and there,  letter it, then draw a cover but thats it!!! Home stretch!!! It's a comic I've wanted to make for a really long time, so I'm happy I finally got to do it. I'll have that available to $10 patrons soon, and then on itch.io shortly after! Still gotta think of a better title than "Asher and Aria", though. Can definitely do better than that. I don't know why this is so hard

Next up, Ellie of the Stars has joined Ink Drop Cafe! You probably saw my various posts about it, but its a brand new collective that's home to comics like 7inch Kara, Novae, Centralia 2050, and Witch Carnival to name just a few! I definitely encourage you to show all the other amazing artists there some love <3

Speaking of Ellie of the Stars, Chapter Three is starting soon!! We have the finished splash art and the the first page of the chapter inked up! I'm very excited for this chapter, and I hope y'all enjoy it!

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