Weekly Update: Sun, Jun 4, 2k17
I'm attaching the edit of this past Thursday's most popular re-version from the "Suit of Sakura", this one taking a more street art twist on the original with a touch of origami geometry.

Reviewing Goals

Historically, the week for the Suit of Sakura is the weakest in the series. Last year, however, they were extra pale and much brighter than the rest of the series. This year, instead, I aimed them more towards a saturated and creamy -- almost "ice cream" -- flavor of coloring. Let's see how it hit the numbers.

  • Instagram: Currently at 9397 followers, up 272 from last Monday's 9125. However, going into the warm colors -- starting with ruby -- the numbers should pick up rapidly.
  • Twitter: At 2160, up 14 from  2146. Impressions at 2144.
  • Pinterest: At 1388, down 13 from  1375. The "natural magic" fractals keep gaining, and I really need to create more of these.
  • Primary Tumblr: At 787, same. I haven't even been posting to this site in months, and I really need to update it.
  • Secondary Tumblr: At 549, up 3 from 546. This is where my posts should be feeding to from both Instagram and Twitter. Sadly, the mini-galleries I am using in this series have an error where they do not share. That means my Tumblr has been gathering dust for weeks. No bueno!

Et fini!

Getting posts ready for patrons and supporters at this very moment. This week, I'm putting these together at the midnight hour, then scheduling them for 0700 CST on Sunday. That means early posts Stateside and at a time where Europe is still awake. If I can, I'll likely make this change permanent.

Shout out in love and warmth to you all!