Weekly Update 4-22-2014
This last few weeks have been rather successful. I'm starting to see an increase in views and subscribers, as well as a few donations from some very gracious people. HaroldWes and PointOfViewUK have donated a nice bit of cash, but sid1000 remains my top supporter by far. Thanks so much for all your help! I'm about to hit the 7500 subscriber mark. I have already created and uploaded the first TR2 video. Just so everyone knows, this video and all other videos posted for the rest of this month are pledge free due to monthly caps. I hope this helps to demonstrate my dedication to my channel. Resident Evil has been very well received by my audience. I'm very glad to begin that game series and I can't wait to complete it. I'm looking toward more games to do for my channel and I think the next one in line is the Metal Gear Solid series. If you are not familiar with MGS, then you're in for a treat when I start making uploads. MGS is a tactical espionage video game where you play as Solid Snake to infiltrate a heavily guarded military facility (hopefully unnoticed) and find out that terrorists are about release a weapon called Metal Gear, a weapon capable of launching a nuclear attack to anywhere, from anywhere, on top of being the most powerful military mech ever constructed. It's got puzzles, it's got action, and plenty of story and entertaining dialogue. I plan to release the first MGS video soon after I've completed Resident Evil Original. As always, thanks for your support!