Weekly Update - Nov. 4
This update is slightly special as it's 100% public, Patron or not.

About a week ago I got notice from my hosting provider that they were shutting their doors and anything they were hosting will no longer be available at the end of November.

Which for me means lots of migrating (and getting to start on a fresh server).

So since I have to move things over, I decided I'd give the never updating public site beta an update to the current version of the site. So from now until next week http://z2.pokyfriends.com will be the most up to date version of the site!

For anybody who isn't a Patron, there's plenty more things to see on the site, off the top of my head this includes (and oops maybe some of this was on the old z2.pokyfriends as well)

  • A new Company field has been added
  • Counts of articles/reviews for files
  • The ZZT file viewer looks much better, and has loads more information and is split into tabs to display information about the world/board/elements/stats
  • You can navigate from board to board in the ZZT file viewer by selecting a passage and clicking the board it links to. You can also do this with connected boards by viewing the board info
  • A few other file types can be viewed such as high score files
  • Featured games have now been populated with their reviews from z2
  • New directory listing pages showing every author/company/genre used on the site

(Astute readers may notice the site isn't running on HTTPS anymore. That's temporary as I've yet to set everything up for that)

For those of you who want to follow updates like this, Patrons pledging $2 or more get access to these journals as well as the ability to vote in monthly backer polls for the games I'll be writing about/streaming! Pledge $5 or more and you'll be able to access the live beta site which is updated each week as well!