Weekly Update!
Greetings Fellas!

This month, we'll be introducing a new tier!!

The Gacha tier!

The Gacha tier will be 1$ and you get two shots at it every month!

There will be one illustration that will be split in two parts along with some other things you can get. It'll be kinda like a scouting in Love Live if you're familiar with that. you could get a normal card: a scetch from any other tier; a rare card: a drawing with simple shading; or an ultra rare card: the illustration that will be gacha tier exclusive.

(the gacha tier exclusive illustration is still includd in the premium tier)

The winners of the monthly polls for march are:

Fanart: Gravity Falls

Yaoi/Yuri: Free!

and since there isn't rly much yuri in Free! we decided to throw in some scetches of the runner up: Madoka Magica.

Rewards will be going out 1st march

Hope we have another good month!