Weekly update: halloween
Its interesting to me to see the days these updates fall on. Today being one of special note, Halloween. But it also brings notice to a flaw in my posting schedule. Todays daily sketch never makes it to the sketch collection posted on same day. Basically, my halloween day sketch isnt in this collection. Ive thought about how to adjust it, but it ends up skipping a day in a collection. Ill figure it out. And thus ends my month of horror/dark theme. Though I am still working on the Addams Family piece (Patrons know, they've been able to follow its progress) As for a theme for November, I dont know... maybe a little bit of fall and harvest stuff, but December will have a strong theme, so we'll go back to whatever suits me for a while. :) Thanks for stopping by! If you're interested in seeing more of my daily work, think about becoming a patron! $3/month isnt much at all, and not only does it support my work such as the daily sketches and other personal projects, it gives you an extra, more personal window into my life as an artist. Thanks again! And see you next week!