Weekly Update #8
Hey, guys! The new comic page went up as scheduled - here it is if you haven't seen it:

And now, a bit of LEGO stuff:

Someone finally ordered the female version of my Dragonslayer minifig! So I finally got to design it! :P Yeah, I didn't actually have one designed until now. I was determined to make the female version of the studded armor, rather than just use the male one.

Hey, anyone here seen John Wick? If you haven't, then you should. One of the best action movies in years. Looking forward to the third one.

In other news, as seen in the main image above, there is FREE SHIPPING at the shop on all orders of $25 or more through December 31! Trying to kick-start that holiday business rush...

That's all for now! I'll try to have another comic and more minifigs next week. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see too.