Weekly Update #8.1: Now with less depressive stuff
Hey all, Sorry for the depressive post yesterday. I needed to get that off my mind and out in the open and I believe in being open about this stuff as you are directly supporting me. I could give excuses such as lack of work is stressing me out but its a mixture of many things. I want to thank people for their kind words :) I'm still not sure what I will do about the future of some projects but for now I'm just going to keep on modding, keep on doing what I enjoy. I will be compiling some "status reports" on my projects in the next week which is partially for me and you. One is to recap what is done, what is planned and what is realistic. This means I'll be writing up some proper design docs, rough ideas etc so give me some time but I hope to have some out by the end of the week :)
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