Whew! What a week. Its tax season, and that means its grind time! Ive been at the drawing board, or in the tattoo chair most if the availabke time this past week, and this coming week looks no different! I love it! This past week of sketches has also shown the shift, as ive been playing around with some tattoo designs. Just whatever comes to mind. In a way, theyre easier, and hard than the other odd ball sketches i do. Ive enjoyed the change up. I listen to a LOT of podcasts, if you dont akready know, and while ive been waiting for any of the creative/comicbook/webpublishing pods to update, i got a couple of audio books to listen to while i draw, and, i think i mentioned this before, i got "the subtle art of not giving a fuck" and well, i finished it. Im ready to listen to it again. Seriously, its the survival guide to the 21st century. Its crucial. Now I'm listening to the 4 hour work week. And THAT is blowing my mind. Its still ealry tho This week, ill be keeping up with the tattoo designs for the daily sketches, and the nightly patron updates, which have been going up late as hell. Im dabbling with the playing card project i set down a while ago. Thanks for stopping by! I hooe you think about becoming a Patron! Its makes a huge difference in my art and efforts! See you next week for another exciting update!