Howdy Everyone!

Back at it again. Nothing much to announce this week as I have talked to all my Beta testers personality for the most part but I at least would like to keep myself regular on this (even if this was posted a bit after the fact.)

We are less then a week away form public release which means you will start to be seeing promotional material drop on here over the next week that will be used in the upcoming release. And because of this we will be putting this weeks Doodle Pool on hold in anticipation of the release so I can properly prepare for it. I apologize for having to call it off this week but promise it will be back up and running come next Sunday.

Also, as I said next month's art theme will be watercolor so make sure to keep that in mind with suggestions from here on out.

Anyway, here is to the upcoming release. Thank you guys so much for helping me test the systems of the Patreon and the Doodle Pool out. This Patreon would literally not have made it this far with you guys and I am so thankful to have had you guys their beside me.

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