Weekly update - Sketchbook club theme is MAGIC ✨
Magic won the poll this month, so here we go! To join just follow the theme of the month and use the hashtag #leighssketchbookclub!

So... this week. What’s going on over here? It’s absolutely freezing outside, I can’t take Koda on walks because his little paws get too cold out there ❄️ he has the energy of 1 million puppies at the moment ⛄️ Herc is sitting right by my face enjoying the hot air coming out of my nose and watching me type this haha!

I ordered some new stickers that should coming tomorrow! I will share them here when I get them 😼 I hope they’re as cute as I imagine them to be, I’m trying a new sticker company that a lot of people use, sticker mule! So we shall see!!

Getting ready for a shop update with my new pins and stickers and maybe a few new prints 🤔 I’m pretty much just making this one up as I go 😹 The usual!

I hope everyone is healthy and happy new year!!!🎊