Weekly Video S01E06
This week is short and sweet: a quick intro to a release of a North track on YouTube from our limited-edition EP, "Orange Lights".
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You're An Insider
For only a quarter each, you get access to Insider's Releases.  These special recordings and videos are selected unreleased North material and previews of rough recordings not available to the public.  While some of these archival and homebrewed materials may be rough around the edges, they highlight writing and performances that cover the real heart of my musical efforts, raw, honest and direct.
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The Vote Threshold
At 50 cents or more per release, you earn "Votes" -- 1 per dollar (rounded) per release that you support!  These Votes can be cast later on to help determine which larger public projects will get priority for production.  See "The Plan" and "Claiming Your Votes" videos (https://www.youtube.com/user/josephmancusomusic) for details.
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Nice Round Numbers & Extra Gratitude
Seriously.  Thank you.  Every pledge of _any_ amount helps, but at $1 per release, you're taking this seriously.  It means that you're willing to drop a buck -- arguably the going rate for a song on iTunes -- to sneak preview my rough cuts, lyrics, and other works in progress.  It also means you're not just gaming the system for maximum Votes .... ;)  ;)
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Free CD To A Friend (or Yourself) Every Year
OMG YOU ROCK!  At $2 per release, in addition to your Votes and super duper extra gratitude per above, you get an anniversary gift.  For every 12 months of support at this level or more, i'll ship any North CD you want* to anyone in the USA**.  I'll also include a short personalized note saying whatever you like.***

* ( ... while supplies last.  If i run out of a CD you want, i'll do my best to work something out for you.)
** (I'm willing to try to ship stuff overseas if costs are reasonable.  Ask and i'll see what i can do.)
*** (... provided it won't get me into trouble!)
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I Am Moved Beyond Words (and into Cluelessness)
Very honestly, i have _no_ idea how to properly thank you for this kind of support!!  In addition to all of the benefits of the lower tiers, i'd be happy to try to do something special for folks who are supporting at this level, so i guess please send me your ideas!  If you ask for something reasonable that i can pull off, i'll do my best to accommodate it.  Thank you so much!
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