Weekly Wednesday: Catch Up

Nothing much to report this week, mostly because I've worn myself out getting Storm Wings ready to release. That's all taken care of now, thankfully, and will land on ereaders from Sunday onwards. Yay!

Elsewhere I've been catching up on my reading, falling very behind on my reviews, walking the dogs and admiring the stars. Waking up at 5:30 each day to take the dogs out has its drawbacks (such as having to carry 6kg+ puppy around so she doesn't wake the neighbours while the rest of us are out), but it also has some pretty amazing benefits. Saw a badger the other day, which is unusual -- I know they're around here, but actually seeing them is a different story, deer are far more likely. I hear tawny owls calling most mornings, but got caught in between two owlets shouting at their parents across the golf course the other day, which was noisy but interesting.

And then there are the stars. All summer I've been thoroughly enjoying some glorious sunrises, but I'm usually home before the sun gets up these days. However, this last week, as the moon's been waning, the sky has been mostly clear and the stars have been glorious. I'm always a star-staring fiend, but I usually save it for evenings. Seeing Orion shining bright every morning has been a real treat.

It does leave me feeling pretty tired throughout the day, but I get tired anyway, so at least it's for a good reason.

Hopefully by the end of the week I will have caught up with all my various reviews and outstanding admin tasks (including a links post for Aquila's War and a character list), and can finally turn my attention back to writing. It feels like forever, so it'll be nice to dust off the old laptop again.

Hope your own month is going well