Weekly Wednesday: February Catch Up

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my Patreon and how I want it to work. Alas, most of the things I’d really love to do I don’t have time for, especially at the moment when I’m busy writing the next (actually the next-next) Dragonlands book as fast as my imagination will allow (so close to the end now). But! I do have a sort of schedule figured out. Knowing me and plans, it’ll be interesting to see how this works, but I’ll give it a go anyway. 

So, starting this month, the Aquila’s War chapters will continue as they always have, every Friday and Sunday (apologies for last Friday, I… actually haven’t got an excuse). It’s the Weekly Wednesdays that now have a monthly schedule. Whoo! Please try to contain your excitement ;D

WW will now roll out as follows each month:
1st Wednesday - Catch Up. How’s things with you? Here’s how things are with me, in life as well as fiction.
2nd Wednesday - Fiction. This’ll be something short, probably short stories. Might also be drabbles, sneak chapter previews, bits from non-published books or, if I’m feeling really mean, poetry. Preferences and requests will be taken into account, so feel free to put your hand up and say something.
3rd Wednesday - Updates. Progress updates from my writing world. Some months this might be pretty empty, but this month is looking quite good.
4th Wednesday - Freebies. This’ll be a book. Some of these will be available only to $3 Patrons and above, but I’ll try and put up something for everyone every now and then.
5th Wednesday - Bonus! Some months have them, so I’ll have to figure out a way to make them more interesting. Maybe behind-the-scenes writing things? If you have a preference, let me know. 

Now that I have a framework I’m hoping it’ll be easier to stick to than it was before. As always, comments and suggestions welcome. 

Before I go a quick catch up since that's what this is supposed to be about. January was a real mix with the writing going well, but pretty much everything else going out the window. I just have no interest in reviewing books at the moment, which is not helped by the fact that I’m not enjoying most of what I have to read. (Unless it’s by KJ Charles and Lois McMaster Bujold, but I think I’d have to be dead before I stopped enjoying either of those two.)

Away from books I had a couple of real scares towards the end of last month. My 92-year-old grandmother had a fall at home and we had to call an ambulance (although it took an hour to persuade her, despite her thinking she'd broken her leg). And while out walking my mum's young dog Rowan, another dog chased her, scaring her so badly she jumped off a ten foot wall.

Incredibly both are fine. My grandmother was bruised but not broken, home within a few hours and back to doing all her household chores the next day (running on sheer stubbornness, I think). Rowan's jump was onto the beach, so the sand (even wet, post-high tide sand) was enough to cushion her fall. So was not actually landing on her feet, the silly goof. The owners of the other dog said nothing, no apology, no checking to see if she was all right, they just walked off. I just can't with some people.

Anyway, mostly I'm too thankful that both are okay to waste time fuming at other things. However, I'm also very glad that January is done. Here’s hoping February will be less stressful. My plans this month are to finish this book, do nothing exciting for my birthday and spend a few days with various sisters, nieces and nephews. 

How about you lovely people? Got anything fun planned? I hope your January treated you well and that February is looking good. 

Oh, and a big hello and welcome to new patron, Kerri. Hi! Thanks for being here.

Merry Wednesday, everyone!