Weekly WRAP video just posted.

This is the weekly WRAP video covering the eight markets discussed in the RTS video last weekend.  Also management of open trades.



Might be of interest to you if you are an active trader in the currency markets.

I put out two videos a week. one is the RTS Reading The Story.  Where you see the new markets of interest that i have in my watchlist, all the lines and levels are marked out so you can see the thinking. You can copy the lines and monitor price as it enters those interesting areas for a possible position, depending on your risk profile. 

The WRAP is like an honesty thing, i relay what happened at the end of the week, what action was taken and any management on open positions. 

The RTS video covers a HTF usually daily or 240m.  I do trade smaller timeframes on a daily basis as the tools i use are equally applicable no matter what TF you analyse off.