A Weeks Worth of Exercise #1
Every day I do a word exercise - for this week I picked a random word and came up with nine related words (related by reference) then made a flash fiction based on the pool of words I came up with.


Monday 4th of April, 2016.

Sleep Dream Nightmare Wake Funeral Wedding Love Hate War Death

Today I sleep, dream of darker places and nightmares until I wake, to my funeral - a wedding to a woman I love and together we will endure the hate and barbs of families and friends. A war against our beginnings that only ends with our collective death.

Tuesday 5th of April, 2016.

Gold Wealth Luxury Coffee Cigarettes Smoke Aroma Perfume Woman Lover

Her eyes are gold - amber rings belying a wealth that lies beneath the skin. She gifts me the luxury of knowing her intimately with just a smile. In the morning I wake and she offers me coffee in bed before retreating to the hotel balcony with her cigarettes. Smoke rises from her lips, the wind blows it into the room where its aroma mingles with her floral perfume. I should be ashamed, I am a woman and she is my lover.

Wednesday 6th of April, 2016.

Leaf Green Inexperienced Virginal Sex Love Safety Warmth Happiness Hope

The leaves are no longer green as the summer starts to end. My inexperienced hands grapple with branches and boughs. Our first summer together is virginal, the coming winter fills my mind with thoughts of sex and love and warmth but for now I take your love as we climb the tree and sit together looking over the valley. Your arms wrap around my shoulders, there is safety even on the precipice of falling. The summer breeze is warmth and happiness, your embrace is hope in the face of the coming winter’s snow.

Thursday 7th of April, 2016.

Opera Night Starlight Sun Photosynthesis Synthetic Chemical Substance Soul Love.

An Opera - deep into the night beneath the starlight trickled down by distant suns. The stars do not provide photosynthesis, so only synthetic life can live in their gaze. Chemical smells fill the air, like dew condensing their nostrils, as they coat themselves in longevity substances and dress up their souls to rove out in search of love.

Friday 8th of April, 2016.

hydrophobic duck waterfowl pond floating swimming diving abyss forsaken lost 

Is a hydrophobic duck still a waterfowl?
I am in the pond, floating across the surface.
Watching me swimming about.
Diving in, deep down into the abyss below,
the duck searches through roots and brack
seeking out forsaken snacks, before it too is lost
drowning in the darkness.
Perhaps it was smart, to fear the water.