a week's worth of good stuff
I.  singing along to music with mates, a feed with a family. 

II  some chooks, a vegetable garden and some laden fruit trees. a simple small shack called home, manuka and clay adobe, with sunshine heat, an unexplored new second-hand shop, bursting, floating in a waterhole, watching a tame eel, gliding. 

III  a goat run, a house cow. a working compost heap, a worm farm, ripening tomatoes, nicely staked. a dry heat and some full watertanks, the smell of a newborn baby, a favourite cafe. 

IV  a grey water system and some solar power panels, sprouts on a window sill, germinating in warmth, a cat in a lap, an old dog curled at your feet, content with a full belly. the sounds of frogs in a nearby pond, the distant echo of a train, carried by wistful winds across a landscape of silence. 

V  the smell of homebaking on a coalrange and butter on fresh popcorn. a tank full of gas and infinite possibilities, stretching. a big stack of dry, seasoned wood split ready for fireplace crackle, a favourite pen and pencil, a steaming mug of sweet cocoa or hot chocolate made from real milk. 

VI  a cheerful tune whistled in the dark, a kite climbing strongly upwards in fresh strong winds, the gentle brush of lovers lips and a soft fingertip caress in the dark as hands meet, independently during intimacies. 

 VII  a blue aerogramme, densely packed with small, tight, cursive writing, conveying feeling of love and longing, a big woollen hat and a scarf, a comfortable, warm coat in winter, freshly baked bread, flowers in a vase on a ramshakle, cluttered, kitchen table.