Weeping Angels and Trade Cards
Every September weekend it seems involved working on lesson plans, grading student work or doing other paperwork for school... :( ... meaning not much in the way of personal art was accomplished.

Switching gear a little then for this October month reward, I've dug out my old binder of trading cards with the goal of listing them on Etsy to sell.

A few years back I opened an Etsy store, listed a couple things and as things go, closed it shortly thereafter. Fast forward to 2017 and I'm looking around Etsy to check to see what artists are posting and decide to give another go.

These weeping angels were done in color pencils. They were done during a comic book convention and were originally intended as the very scary "Weeping Angels" from Doctor Who but do not have to be specifically associated as such. They can stand on their own simply as harmless caring angels.

Giving the horrific recent news from Nevada it's a bit ironic. This was not meant as a comment on these events and however coincidental, it feel timely as a reflection on the state of this nation.  

I have now scanned each card and will be uploading them into the RedBubble store as one image with all nine and then one at a time. There's a couple on there now.

Art Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Originals can be sold for up to $50 and more depending on the amount of work and details displayed and of course, who the artist is. Quick sketch type cards go for $4 to $20, again depending on how "quick" of a sketch and work involved.

Printed cards are typically around $2-5.

All that to say the angels will be my first re-introduction to Etsy and hopefully a progressively positive one.

I'll have both the originals and printed versions (known as ACEO: Art Cards Editions & Originals) for sell.

For the October reward, the orange and blue background angels are on the way. I'll post a picture when they get here.

Lastly, I'm participating in the Inktober 2017 fun this month. It's my first time trying something like this and I'm looking forward to the experience.

Come join the fun and follow along on my FB page! I'd love to have you along for the ride. :)

That's the news for now.